Volunteer with Richmond Cares


Under the chilling winter weather, the Miss Chinese Vancouver Contestants brought along some gifts and headed towards the SkyTrain station to show their love by volunteering with the Richmond Cares Foundation Christmas Fund event. They encouraged citizens to donate toys and books to help children from low-income families. Joining a group of RCMP, firemen, paramedics and community nurses, the girls stood by the donation boxes, calling for people to donate and handing out hot drinks and pastries. Although the weather was only around the freezing mark, the contestants’ positive energy and support warmed the heart of other volunteers and local residents.


MCVP 6th Training


To be physically and mentally ready is the key to success in the Pageant. Miss Chinese Vancouver 2014 1st Runner Up Maggie Wu and Outstanding Intelligence Award winner Sandra Chou previously met with the contestants to share tips on how to excel at the Final.

Maggie expressed that enjoying the time on stage is the best way to show off an excellent performance and gave credits to her supporters who played an important factor in helping her overcome her nervousness. She encouraged the contestants to communicate more with friends and family. Once struggling to balance school and the Pageant, Maggie also pointed out that time management is very important and being well-prepared is half the battle. As the winner of the Outstanding Intelligent award, Sandra recently received a scholarship to enroll in medical school. Sandra understands that the most nerve-wracking part of the competition is definitely Q&A. To give an example, Sandra quizzed the 10 contestants with the same question that she received in the Pageant last year and suggested to each contestant on how to improve her answer. Last year, Sandra encountered an unfortunate slip-up during her hula-hoop dance talent performance. However, she managed to keep her composure and continue on performing, even excelling in the Q&A segment that followed. Sandra reminded the contestants to forget things that happened in the past and keep looking forward to the next performance with confidence. Maggie and Sandra’s tips provided the 10 contestants with a lot of encouragements and better prepared them for the December 9th competition.


Leisure Talk and City Chat Interviews


As the Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant 2015 is approaching, the contestants are putting extra effort in their training and preparation in hopes of presenting the best of themselves on the day of the competition. They recently participated in interviews with Mary Lo on Leisure Talk and Carmen Shao on City Chat to share stories from the past 3 months of training and discuss the friendships and bonds among themselves during this time. The Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant 2015 Final will take place at the Vancouver Convention Centre on Wednesday December 9th at 7:55pm. To find out more about these 10 lovely contestants and their exciting Pageant journey, tune in to Talentvision’s City Chat on November 26th and December 3rd at 10:15pm PST and Fairchild TV’s Leisure Talk on December 2nd at 6:15pm. The Pageant Final will be broadcasted live on Fairchild TV’s and the event official website as well as through the mobile app MCVP2015. Stay tuned to witness the birth of a new Miss Chinese Vancouver!


Visit the S.U.C.C.E.S.S. Seniors Care Home


It has always been a tradition for the Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant contestants to visit the S.U.C.C.E.S.S. Simon K.Y. Lee Seniors Care Home and perform for its elderly residents in a warm winter afternoon. This year, the contestants have once again put a lot of time into creating an entertaining and fun program and were very excited to meet the seniors. Unfortunately, due to the recent change in weather, the senior home experienced a virus outbreak and was unable to welcome visitors. Although the contestants were disappointed, they still made a special trip to meet with representatives of the senior home to present a gift of wishing cranes that the girls folded themselves to wish the senior residents good health and a quick recovery.


BC Women’s Hospital Press Conference


Following a visit to the BC Women’s Hospital Newborn Intensive Care Unit, the 10 contestants made their first public appearance at the BC Women’s Hospital + Health Center Foundation’s press conference at Aberdeen Centre. The contestants appealed to audiences for their support to raise funds for a new multipurpose ultrasound in for the Hospital’s NICU to save even more lives of BC’s newborn babies.

During the press conference, each of the contestants shared a childhood photo and a cherished memory with their mother. Every year, the BC Women’s hospital delivers 7,000 newborn babies, and the contestants’ stories exemplified the precious bond and love between mothers and their children. Apart from mall visitors who gathered to show their support, those with an interest in photography also captured snapshots of the elegant ladies. At the same time, contestants also took the chance to vote for Miss Friendship to be revealed at the Final. For information of the Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant Gala Dinner, please visit www.bcwomensfoundation.org.


BC Women’s Hospital Tour


BC Women’s Hospital + Health Centre Foundation has been selected as the beneficiary of the Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant Gala 2015 with the donations going towards funding for the hospital’s Newborn Intensive Care Unit. Earlier this month, the Foundation invited the 10 finalists for a tour of the NICU when a pediatrician explained in detailed the operation at NICU and roles of the staff. The services on site include a Family Lounge, social care services, counseling, physiotherapy and more, all in order to provide the best support to premature babies and their families. The 10 contestants were able to witness first-hand the miracle of a weak young life struggling to grow up strong and healthy. After the tour, the contestants felt honored to be part of this meaningful campaign and were even more motivated to work harder at the Final.


MCVP 5th Training


The Miss Chinese Vancouver contestants emerge in a variety of images both onscreen and off, transforming from girls next door to glamorous new stars all with the help of Image Director, Betty. Since their journey started in September, the contestants have already modeled the latest collection from sponsors including elegant evening wear, stylish casual wear, fresh active wear, as well as stunning jewellery pieces in different promotional activities. A promising new fashion designer from Hong Kong will provide an array of his unique and detailed designs for the girls to showcase at the Final as well. How would the contestants impress guests at the press conference with their fashionable image on November 5th? Visit out website to keep updated with the latest MCVP happenings.


MCVP 4th Training


Apart from training, filming promos is also a crucial component of the whole Pageant experience. This year’s promo clips also reflect the youthful and energetic theme with one showcasing a contemporary dance under a shower of colourful confetti. The other features the contestants in various high-level yoga poses to show off their healthy images.

The contestants were also transformed into 5 different images at the official photo shoot, each emanating beauty through a variety of expressions. In spite of their tight schedule, they took time to celebrate the birthday of chaperone Kelly by presenting her with a cake as well as good wishes. The 10 finalists will be making their first official public appearance at the press conference on November 5th.


MVCP 3rd Training


The Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant finalists have embarked on an exciting journey involving a variety of trainings leading up to the Final in December. In order to match with this year’s youthful and active theme, the sessions focus a lot more on the fitness and physical aspects, including intense power yoga classes and unique fitness courses designed by a personal trainer. Coping with their tight schedule, the contestants are even provided with club memberships to enjoy gymnastics and pool facilities anytime. The audience will expect to discover the most fit and healthy selves of each of the contestants onstage at the Final. To keep up with all the happenings of this year’s Pageant, visit the MCVP Instagram.


MCVP 2nd Training


The ten finalists have fully immersed in a series of training at the world of Pageant. In each stage training session, the contestants learn to enjoy every moment and present their best on stage. A new eloquence class is included this year to help advance their communication skills. In addition, the finalists also attend modeling classes to improve posture and mannerisms. Under the mentorship of professional trainers Didi and Adam, the girls will rise above the rest for a shining performance at the Final.
On October 15, the 10 finalists will be revealed on the Fairchild TV website, officially marking the beginning of the competition. The contestants have also received web training to learn how to take advantage of the full power of Internet to connect with fans through the MCVP website and share with everyone their transformation process. New to this year’s website will also be a forum to engage public participation in support for their favorite contestants. More to social media fans, you can even be informed of MCVP’s updates on Instagram, and get a sneak peek into the behind-the-scenes of the Pageant.


MCVP 1st Training


After overcoming a series of challenges at the audition, the 10 finalists have launched their much anticipate beautiful journey in preparation for the competition taking place on December 9th. Under witness of a lawyer, the 10 contestants signed contracts with Fairchild, officially promising their determination to work hard throughout the competition. The contestants will go through professional hair styling, learn grooming tips to bring out their unique features, attend lectures on skincare and makeup, and receive teeth whitening service from the renowned dental professional. To keep updated with news and information on this year’s Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant, tune in to the MCVP segment in What’s On ever Sunday at 7:40pm, or visit our official website, Facebook專頁微博


Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant Auditions


Entering into its third decade, Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant has recently attracted numerous talented individuals to participate at this year’s audition. Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant has always acted as the platform for countless ordinary young girls to experience the extraordinary. Many contestants arrived with natural makeup, ready to show their youthful and real selves through active and lively talent performances including hula-hoop dance, yoga, Chinese dance, and K-Pop. Their versatility made it a great challenge for judges to choose the ones with most potential.

After a long discussion, 10 finalists were selected to go though a series of professional training in preparation for the Pageant Final on December 9th. These lucky ones come from a mix of different backgrounds including Canadian, Chinese, Hong Kong, and Taiwanese. The names of the finalists will be revealed in October. Be prepared for the dynamic and surely entertaining Pageant this year!


Beneficiary of Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant 2015 - BC Women’s Hospital


For the past 20 years, the Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant has been one of the most anticipated and glamorous charity events in Vancouver.This year, Fairchild TV has named the BC Women’s Hospital + Health Centre Foundation as the beneficiary of the Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant Gala Dinner to help women and newborns in the Province. The BC Women’s Hospital + Health Centre Foundation announced the partnership in a press conference conducted by Fairchild TV artiste Gary Yan and 2nd Runner-up of Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant 2013 Jamie Gao.

CEO of the Foundation, Ms. Laurie Clarke expressed her gratitude towards Fairchild TV for our generous support, also mentioning that the funds raised from the Gala, taking place at the Vancouver Convention Centre on December 9th, will go towards a new and much needed ultrasound for the Hospital’s Newborn Intensive Care Unit. The ultrasound will allow doctors to discover any problems newborns may have at an earlier stage, and therefore will be able to save even more lives.

Fairchild TV also invited participant of Miss Chinese Vancouver 2006 Jill Yang to share her story at the BC Women’s Hospital. Jill was very thankful to the Hospital’s staff’s for their professionalism and care in helping her overcome the difficulties of labour. She also encouraged everyone to show support towards the works of the Hospital and particularly the Gala dinner.

Lastly, Ms. Clarke presented a plaque of appreciation to President of Fairchild Media Group Mr. Joe Chan, and looked forward to a successful gala! For more details, please visit the official website of BC Women’s Hospital + Health Centre Foundation .